Currently all plants are sent bare rooted to NSW due to new regulations. If you live in Tasmania ONLY and wish to buy Flasks please phone us first due to new requirments as there may be some delays

Collection: Tassell Ferns

Orchids-R-us - Windemere Orchids is a family-owned orchid farm, specialising in tissue culture and orchid flasks of all types, Orchid seedlings and flowering orchids from all around the world express posted to your door, all year round Our friendly staff are dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one. We are located on the World-famous beautiful Mount Tamborine just behind the Gold Coast and only a short drive from Brisbane and Coolangatta. So come for a drive and visit the world-famous Mount Tamborine at the same time as visiting our Charming “Farm Gate Stall.” Please note that our growing areas are not open however, our farm gate stall is out 7days a week from 8am-5pm with 70 or more flowering orchid pot plants available for sale all year round.
As a family-run grower, florist. providing high-quality flowers for awesome arrangements, and unique gift ideas not only online but also at our charming Farm Gate Stall shop front as well!
We are only 40min from the Gold Coast, 1 hour from Brisbane and Tweed Heads air ports
OrchidsRus nursery, also specialise in Rare and Indoor orchids and house plants. We have an online store. Some of the plants for sale range from Tropical Plants, Air Plants and Orchids of all types from all around the world. We have an extensive range of orchids and orchid-related products. We offer rare, fragrant, hybrid and many other types of orchids. Some of our customers are florists, hobby growers and home growers, general public and event management organizes for displays and gifts. Grower of beautiful orchid plants for sale online and at our charming Farm Gate Stall. Bromeliads and Tillandsias also available. Lots of new varieties available sourced from growers from all over the world places like Thailand, Taiwan, and Hawaii to name a few. Our charming Fame Gate Stall is open to the public for all our flowering needs
If you are looking for flowers or a gift that is really long lasting, then choose a flowering orchid plant, Orchids can be beautifully presented in a ceramic, terracotta or plastic container they will continue to to grow and be adored for years to come
Oncidiums belong to a large and diverse family of orchids, Oncidiums common name is normaly refered to as a Dancing Lady Orchid. The Dancing Lady Orchids have sashayed their way across the world, and can be found throughout much of South America, Central America, Mexico, the West Indies, Florida Australia, and New Zealand. While these orchids are mainly epiphytic meaning growing in trees and on rocks in their native habitats Oncidiums are so diverse that they make beautiful potted plants or plants to grow in trees and hanging baskets in a shady place in the garden
A list of some of the different species orchids we have from time to time is below
Aa, Abdominea, Acacallis, Acampe, Acanthephippium, Aceras, Aceratorchis, Acianthus,  Acineta, Ackermania, Acoridium, Acostaea, Acriopsis, Acrolophia, Acrorchis,
Ada, Adenochilus, Adenoncos, Adrorhizon, Aerangis, Aeranthes, Aerides, Aganisia, Aglossorrhyncha, Agrostophyllum, Alamania, Altensteinia, Amerorchis, Amesiella, Amitostigma, Amparoa, Anacamptis, Ancistrochilus, Ancistrorhynchus, Androcorys, Angraecopsis, Angraecum, Anguloa, Anoectochilus, Ansellia, Anteriorchis, Anthogonium, Anthosiphon, Aporostylis, Apostasia, Appendicula, Arachnis, Aranda, Aranthera, Arpophyllum, Arethusa, Armodorum, Arundina, Arthrochilus, Artorima, Ascochilopsis, Ascidieria, Ascocentrum, Aspasia, Ascochilus, Ascoglossum, Barbrodria, Aspidogyne, Barbosella, Bartholina, Barkeria, Barlia, Beclardia, Baskervilla, Batemannia, Bifrenaria, Benthamia, Benzingia, Bletia, Binotia, Bipinnula, Bolusiella, Bletilla, Bollea, Brachionidium, Bonatea, Bonniera, Brachypeza, Brachtia, Brachycorythis, Brassia, Bracisepalum, Brassavola, Brownleea, Bromheadia, Broughtonia, Cadetia, Buchtienia, Bulbophyllum, Calochilus, Caladenia, Calanthe, Calypso, Calopogon, Calymmanthera, Capanemia, Calyptrochilum, Campylocentrum, Caucaea, Catasetum, Cattleya, Centrostigma, Caularthron, Centroglossa, Ceratandra, Cephalanthera, Cephalantheropsis, Ceratostylis, Ceratocentron, Ceratochilus, Chamorchis, Chamaeangis, Chamaeanthus, Chaubardiella, Chaseella, Chaubardia, Chelonistele, Chauliodon, Cheirostylis, Chiloschista, Chiloglottis, Chilopogon, Chondradenia, Chitonochilus, Chloraea, Chrysocycnis, Chondrorhyncha, Chroniochilus, Chytroglossa, Chrysoglossum, Chysis, Claderia, Cirrhaea, Cischweinfia, Cleisostoma, Cleisocentron, Cleisomeria, Cochleanthes, Cleistes, Clowesia, Codonosiphon, Cochlioda, Codonorchis, Coelogyne, Coelia, Coeliopsis, Comparettia, Coilochilus, Collabium, Cordiglottis, Condylago, Constantia, Corycium, Coryanthes, Corybas, Cranichis, Corymborkis, Cottonia, Cryptarrhena, Cremastra, Cribbia, Cryptopus, Cryptocentrum, Cryptochilus, Cuitlauzina, Cryptopylos, Cryptostylis, Cycnoches, Cyanaeorchis, Cyclopogon, Cynorkis, Cymbidiella, Cymbidium, Cyrtopodium, Cypripedium, Cyrtidiorchis, Cystorchis, Cyrtorchis, Cyrtostylis, Dactylostalix, Dactylorhiza, Dactylorhynchus, Dendrochilum, Deiregyne, Dendrobium, Diceratostele, Dendrophylax, Diaphananthe, Dickasonia, Dichaea, Dichromanthus, Dilochia, Didymoplexiella, Diglyphosa, Dinklageella, Dimerandra, Dimorphorchis, Diplocentrum, Diphylax, Diplocaulobium, Dipodium, Diplomeris, Diploprora, Dipteranthus, Disa, Domingoa, Disperis, Diuris, Dossinia, Doritis, Doritaenopsis, Dresslerella, Dracula, Drakaea, Drymoanthus, Dressleria, Dryadella, Dunstervillea, Drymoda, Drymonanthus, Dyakia, Earina, Eggelingia, Eltroplectris, Eleorchis, Elleanthus, Encyclia, Elythranthera, Embreea, Epiblastus, Entomophobia, Ephippianthus, Epigeneium, Epiblema, Epidendrum, Epipactis, Epistephium, Eria, Eriopsis, Eriochilus, Erycina, Erythrodes, Esmeralda, Euanthe, Eulophia, Eulophiella, Eurycentrum, Eurychone, Eurystyles, Fernandezia, Ferruminaria, Flickingeria, Fimbriella, Fuertesiella, Funkiella, Galeandra, Galearis, Galeottia, Galeola, Gastrochilus, Geesinkorchis, Gennaria, Genoplesium, Genyorchis, Geoblasta, Geodorum, Glomera, Glossodia, Gomphichis, Glossorhyncha, Gomesa, Goniochilus, Gonatostylis, Gongora, Grammangis, Goodyera, Govenia, Grastidium, Grammatophyllum, Graphorkis, Gunnarella, Grobya, Grosourdya, Gymnadenia, Gynoglottis, Habenaria, Harrisella, Hagsatera, Hapalochilus, Hemipilia, Helcia, Helleriella, Hetaeria, Herminium, Herpysma, Hintonella, Hexisea, Himantoglossum, Hofmeisterella, Hippeophyllum, Hoehneella, Homalopetalum, Holcoglossum, Holothrix, Huntleya, Horichia, Houlletia, Hygrochilus, Huttonaea, Hyacinthorchis, Hymenorchis, Hylaeorchis, Hylophila, Ionopsis, Imerinaea, Inobulbon, Isabelia, Ipsea, Isochilus, Isotria, Jacquiniella, Jumellea, Kegeliella, Kefersteinia, Konantzia, Kingidium, Koellensteinia, Kuhlhasseltia, Laelia, Lacaena, Lemurella, Lankesterella, Lemboglossum, Lepanthes, Lemurorchis, Leochilus, Leporella, Lepanthopsis, Lepidogyne, Leucohyle, Leptotes, Lesliea, Listrostachys, Liparis, Listera, Lueddemannia, Lockhartia, Ludisia, Lycomormium, Luisia, Lycaste, Lyperanthus, Macradenia, Macodes, Malaxis, Macroclinium, Macropodanthus, Margelliantha, Malleola, Manniella, Mediocalcar, Masdevallia, Maxillaria, Megastylis, Megalorchis, Megalotus, Mesoglossum, Meiracyllium, Mesadenella, Microcoelia, Mesospinidium, Mexicoa, Microstylis, Micropera, Microsaccus, Microtis, Microtatorchis, Microthelys, Mischobulbum, Miltonia, Miltoniopsis, Mokara, Monomeria, Mobilabium, Mormodes, Mormolyca, Monophyllorchis, Myrmecophila, Monosepalum, Myrmechis, Myoxanthus, Mystacidium, Nabaluia, Nageliella, Neobolusia, Neobenthamia, Neobathiea, Neofinetia, Neodryas, Neomoorea, Neocogniauxia, Neogyna, Nephelaphyllum, Neogardneria, Neottianthe, Neuwiedia, Neotinea, Nervilia, Notylia, Nephrangis, Nidema, Oberonia, Octomeria, Octarrhena, Odontoglossum, Oeoniella, Oeonia, Oeceoclades, Oerstedella, Oliveriana, Omoea, Ophidion, Ophrys, Orleanesia, Oncidium, Orchis, Orthoceras, Orchipedum, Ornithochilus, Ornithocephalus, Osmoglossum, Otoglossum, Otochilus, Otostylis, Pachystoma, Pachyplectron, Pachyphyllum, Panisea, Pabstia, Pachites, Palumbina, Papilionanthe, Palmorchis, Paphiopedilum, Papuaea, Paphinia, Papperitzia, Parapteroceras, Papillilabium, Paraphalaenopsis, Pelatantheria, Paradisanthus, Pedilochilus, Peristeranthus, Pecteilis, Pennilabium, Pescatoria, Pelexia, Peristylus, Pholidota, Peristeria, Phalaenopsis, Phreatia, Phaius, Phragmorchis, Physogyne, Phragmipedium, Physoceras, Phymatidium, Piperia, Pinelia, Pilophyllum, Platyclinis, Platanthera, Pityphyllum, Platylepis, Platyglottis, Platythelys, Platycoryne, Platystele, Plectrophora, Platyrhiza, Plectrelminthus, Plocoglottis, Plectorrhiza, Pleurothallis, Podochilus, Pleione, Podangis, Polyotidium, Poaephyllum, Polycycnis, Pomatocalpa, Pogonia, Polystachya, Ponthieva, Polyradicion, Ponerorchis, Porphyrodesme, Ponera, Porpax, Porroglossum, Porolabium, Porphyrostachys, Porphyroglottis, Porrorhachis, Prescottia, Prasophyllum, Prosthechea, Pseudacoridium, Promenaea, Pseudolaelia, Pseudocentrum, Psilochilus, Pseuderia, Pseudovanilla, Psychopsis, Pseudorchis, Psychopsiella, Pteroceras, Psychilis, Pterichis, Pterostemma, Psygmorchis, Pteroglossaspis, Pygmaeorchis, Pteroglossa, Pterygodium, Pterostylis, Quekettia, Rangaeris, Reichenbachanthus, Restrepia, Renantherella, Rhinerrhiza, Renanthera, Restrepiopsis, Restrepiella, Rhynchostylis, Ridleyella, Rhyncholaelia, Risleya, Robiquetia, Rodrigueziopsis, Rimacola, Rodrigueziella, Rudolfiella, Rodriguezia, Rossioglossum, Roeperocharis, Saccolabiopsis, Saccolabium, Saccoglossum, Sacoila, Sarcanthopsis, Sarcoglyphis, Salpistele, Sarcoglottis, Satyrium, Sarcanthus, Sarcostoma, Scaphosepalum, Sarcophyton, Sauroglossum, Schiedeella, Saundersia, Scelochilus, Scaphyglottis, chlimmia, Schizodium, Scuticaria, Schizochilus, Schomburgkia, Schoenorchis, Selenipedium, Seidenfadenia, Sedirea, Serapias, Sigmatostalix, Sievekingia, Smitinandia, Smithorchis, Solenangis, Skeptrostachys, Sobralia, Solenocentrum, Sobennikoffia, Solenidium, Solenidiopsis, Sophronitis, Soterosanthus, Spathoglottis, Spiculaea, Sphyrastylis, Sphyrarhynchus, Spiranthes, Staurochilus, Stanhopea, Stenia, Stellilabium, Stereochilus, Stelis, Stenorrhynchos, Stenoglottis, Stolzia, Sunipia, Summerhayesia, Systeloglossum, Symphyosepalum, Symphyglossum, Tainia, Taeniorrhiza, Taeniophyllum, Telipogon, Teuscheria, Tetramicra, Thelasis, Thecostele, Thunia, Thecopus, Thrixspermum, Thelymitra, Tolumnia, Tipularia, Ticoglossum, Townsonia, Trevoria, Traunsteinera, Trichocentrum, Triceratorhynchus, Trichopilia, Trias, Trichoglottis, Tridactyle, Trichoceros, Trichotosia, Trisetella, Trichosalpinx, Triphora, Trudelia, Trigonidium, Tropidia, Trizeuxis, Tylostigma, Tuberolabium, Uncifera, Vandopsis, Vanilla, Vanda, Vrydagzynea, Vargasiella, Warmingia, Warreella, Warrea, Xerorchis, Xylobium, Ypsilopus, Zeuxine, Zootrophion, Zygopetalum, Zygosepalum, Zygostates Orchids
As part of the Orchidaceae family some breading from native orchids from India and South East Asia. Cymbidium Orchid needs dapple sun light, be potted in good orchid mix that is free draining, regular watering particularly in the warm to hot seasons and a good feed every so often. Cymbidium Orchid have a clumping habit. Their foliage is usually light to lime green and is long, arching, and strappy.
We post orchids and plants to New South Wales NSW, Queensland QLD, South Australia SA, Australian Capital Territory ACT, Victoria VIC
We Post Flask to New South Wales NSW, Queensland QLD, South Australia SA, Australian Capital Territory ACT, Victoria VIC, Western Australia WA, Northen Territory NT, Tasmania TAS
Happy growing and we hope to see you soon!

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