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Bromeliads – Breaking/Splitting Up And Dividing Bromeliads

When dividing Bromeliads, they must be the right size to be able to survive.

Your baby plants (pup's) need to be 1/3 of the size of the mother plant. You need to be careful not to snap the bottom of the pup off.

You do not need roots for Bromeliads but you do need the heel. As a general rule, if there is no heel at the base of the Bromeliad, then it will struggle to survive. 

Once pups have been removed you can plant them just like any other plant but, you may need 3 stakes/skewers to hold the bigger plants upright. This is because the top of the Bromeliad plant is like a vase and fills with water which may cause them to topple if they have only recently been planted. 

Also do not bury the pup in the pot. Only plant to the heel of the bromeliad. Any higher may cause the heel to rot.

Add some six month slow release fertilizer to your bromeliad to assist in developing the roots.


Happy Growing!