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Bromeliads – Growing Bromeliads From Seed

Growing Bromeliads From Seed

To grow Bromeliads from seed you need the obvious, SEED!!!

See "Pollinating Flowers" for more information on this.


When you get your Bromeliad seed, every one is a bit different but we sow/plant most Bromeliad seed within a few weeks of harvesting it. We use peat and perlite 50:50 mix and washed. There are a few different types of seed and you may have to vary your method to suit. Remember, you need to keep moist but not wet.

Sow the seed on top of the mix and keep moist. You need to keep seed trays warm and under cover.


The seed above would be nearly 2 years old and is only about 2cm high.
Bromeliad seed should be thinned out to allow good growth (as seen in the image above).

Above is some of the same type (Neo) of Bromeliad seeds sown. The tray on the left would be approximately 8-12months old. The tray on the right would be approximately 16-20months old.


Happy Growing!