Currently all plants are sent bare rooted to NSW due to new regulations

Bromeliads - Indoors

Growing Bromeliads Indoors

Bromeliads make great indoor plants and take very little care.

It is good to give all of your indoor Bromeliad plants a rinse to wipe it down and remove any dust or other build up which can form on the leaves. Taking your plant outside once a week or once a fortnight just for a short amount of time can also help the plant breath and will reduce any smell from water buildup that may be caused indoors. 

When looking for a place to position your Bromeliad indoors, you need to find a space that has early morning or late sun/light. If it is too dark, any colour in the leaves will grow out to a darker green colour.

Bromeliads are also part of the air plant family and do not like to sit in water.

If fertilising, it may be best to use a very small amount of ‘Thrive’ as this does not smell like seaweed base fertiliser.


Happy Growing!