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Bromeliads – Marks On The Leaves

Marks On The Leaves


Sunburn is not going to kill your Bromeliad, but in most cases your plant will keep these damaged leaves so you will have to relocate the plant and wait for pups to develop as replacement plants. If there is only a small amount of sunburn on your Bromeliad, just remove the leaf just below burn mark and relocate to more shade.


Cold Weather Leaf Marks

Cold weather leaf marks may form on the leaves of your Bromeliad if the weather is cold. The only thing you can do for leaf marks due to cold weather is relocate your Bromeliad to grow undercover or in a more sheltered area.


Hail Damage

Hail damage can cause marks to form on your leaves. 


Trees Falling On Top Of Your Plant

You can also have marks on your leaves from trees falling on top of your plant and this stops the sun colouring the leaf of your Bromeliad.


Happy Growing!