Currently all plants are sent bare rooted to NSW due to new regulations. We are now endorsed to send flasks to Tasmania.

Bromeliads – Pests


Bromeliads do not have a lot of pests.

One pest in our area is the ‘Curl Grub.’ This is commonly found in lawns and can get into your pots. The Curl Grub does not normally attack your plants but tends to turn your potting mix into a peat and this will hold lots of moisture and will rot the heel of the bromeliad off. If Curl Grubs are left in this mix, to fix this, remove plant from pot, find grub and feed to magpies and repot in new mix “yummy.”

If spraying your Bromeliad plants, remember that they are part of the air plant family and large amounts of oils can suffocate your plants.

DO NOT USE ANY COPPER sprays as this will kill your plants. A lot of orchid growers use copper in sprays.


Happy Growing!