Currently All plants from SEQ and Northen NSW must be sent bare rooted to NSW due to new regulations

Bromeliads – Watering

Bromeliads are possibly one of the easiest plants to grow. They do not mind most potting mixes or barks as long as it does not hold too much water.

The easiest way to assess the watering of your bromeliad’s is that if the plant has a vase to hold water, it needs less frequent watering. If the plant does not have a vase it may possibly need more watering. However, this may differ for some bromeliads and please remember that overwatering may kill your plants so be sure not to give them too much water.

The typical watering for Bromeliads in a garden environment may vary however on average it should be approximately once a week in the Winter and twice a week in the Summer. 


Happy Growing!