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Orchid - Growing Orchids From Seed

Growing Orchids From Seed

Orchid seed do not have a nutrition pack to survive like other plants.

If you look at a pumpkin seed, for example, the seed is only a small part and the main area is nutrition to help the seed grow.

Orchid seed is very small and fine like talcum powder and one seed capsule/pod can hold thousands upon thousands of seed. It is almost impossible to take a photo of a single orchid seed beside a pumpkin seed as you will not see the orchid seed - we tried!


Ripe green seed capsule/pod


Open seed pod - the seed already dispersed



Orchid seed under a microscope


Above is Dendrobium Prenticii seedpod. This is a full size ripe green seedpod.


Above is the remainder of the seed and pod after flasking under the stereo microscope


Please see our "Fundamentals Of Flasking" page for some more information on seed.


Happy Growing!