Currently all plants are sent bare rooted to NSW due to new regulations. We are now endorsed to send flasks to Tasmania.

Orchid - Pests


Dendrobium Beetle

Den (Dendrobium) beetles eat flowers and leaves leaving holes in both.

Normally attacking the best flowers first of course!!


Beetle Larvae

Larvae can almost kill some orchids as they will take plant nutrition out of the canes.


Mealy Bug

Best to use a systemic insecticide.



MultiGuard is a brand that you can purchase from most major chain stores. It is advertised as one of the only pet-friendly snail-bait. 



Best to use a systemic insecticide.



Can be a large problem normally in the winter months.

We use baiting stations all year round and if maintained, they work really well. The stations allow for baiting with children or pets not having direct access to the baits and are well worth the money. 


Happy Growing!