Currently All plants from SEQ and Northen NSW must be sent bare rooted to NSW due to new regulations

Orchid - Pollinating Flowers

Pollinating Flowers


Photos and video of pollinating orchid flowers coming soon so stay tuned!


Most orchids can be pollinated in a similar way. However, Stanhopea’s are one of few orchids that are pollinated a little bit different to most other orchids. Please see some pictures below on pollinating Stanhopea orchids:



Note: We always cut of the bottom of the flower as it takes the landing platform away from any insects.

Note: The pollen in Stanhopea orchids are normally found easily but it can slide into a small notch just behind. Because of this, you will have to wait a few hours for the notch to open, after removing the pollen. Pollen can be stored in aluminium foil for this time and kept in shade.