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Orchids – Growing In Your Garden

Growing In Your Garden

Most Australian Native orchids grow fine in part shade or dappled light in the garden as this is their natural habitat.

Remember not to over water and to use good quality orchid bark when planting in logs, etc.

Most Aussie Native Orchids also grow well in rockeries, logs, stumps, trees, tree fens, palms and one of the most popular in the top of staghorns and elkhorns.

Note: When growing orchids in the garden, please remember to not over water or position them in an overly wet potting mix/medium because when it rains this rain soaks into the soil and the plants and waters them. Also don’t forget to not put your orchids in the garden in full sun. It depends on the variety of orchid, however, most orchids want filtered light but not direct sun so please keep this in mind.

Below are some of our Oncidium orchids growing in a tree and getting only what mother nature gives them:

 Happy Growing!