Currently All plants from SEQ and Northen NSW must be sent bare rooted to NSW due to new regulations

Orchids - My Orchids Look Yellow

My Orchids Look Yellow

It is hard to say exactly what is wrong when an orchid looks yellow.

Some possibilities:

- Overwatering: are your orchid pots wet? (Most orchids should only be watered once a week)

- Are your orchids rotting, leaves falling out or canes going mushy? If so have a look at the "Watering" section for more information (URL here)*********************

It could be that your orchids need repotting… Good potting mix may last up to 4 years, although a lot of mixes used for ‘gift lines’ from most large retail chain stores will need repotting after flowering. This is because they are normally potted in a very inexpensive potting mix/sphag/rockwall/foam.


Happy Growing!