Currently All plants from SEQ and Northen NSW must be sent bare rooted to NSW due to new regulations

Orchids - Seed Pod Development

Seed Pod Development

There is no fast and easy list or way of telling when to pick your seedpods. The best thing is to have a look, have another look, and keep looking each day for a colour change in the stem or seed pod.


Seed pods can take anywhere between 3 - 18 months to ripen/mature.


Below is a small list of how long most seed pods take to ripen based on genera. Please remember that all orchids are different and this can greatly vary. 


Cattleyas-                                  Approx 12 months

Native Dendrobiums-                Approx 3 months

Vandas-                                     Approx 12months or more

Dendrobium hard/soft cane-     Approx 12months


Below are some photos of seed pods that are ripe and ready to be picked:


Happy Growing!