Currently All plants from SEQ and Northen NSW must be sent bare rooted to NSW due to new regulations

Orchids – Repotting


Re-potting Orchids

Orchids will all need to be repotted at some stage. Like any other pot plant, timing of when you should repot your orchids, will depend on the type of potting mix (medium) used. A good quality orchid bark could last up to 4+ years. Whereas, spagnhum moss will only a last maximum of 2 years. 


Dividing Orchids During Re-potting

When dividing an orchid, you need at least 3 bulbs per division. Any less than 3 bulbs per plant have less chance of surviving by themselves when divided. This is because the bulbs of the orchids hold the nutrition for the plant. Therefore, if there are less than 3 bulbs, there is less nutrition for the plant.


Basic how to re-pot and divide steps/images/video coming soon…


Happy Growing!